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Kerrville Daily Times

Kerrville Daily Times ‘Halloween Trilogy’ a storytelling treat FREDERICKSBURG

When you approach the old Rose Hill Mansion high on a hill, with its candlelit ‘see-through’ dining room that takes up half the downstairs, you’ll notice the flickering lights that float off into the woods and disappear in the distance.


It’s such a spooky setting you’ll know something special is happening there.


Follow the winding path of torch lights, as creepy music starts to invade your mind. Watch out for cobwebs, hooting owls and bodies hanging in the trees. Grab your seats around the roaring campfire and don’t be surprised to see a dismembered arm reaching out from under the fire for anyone who comes too close. Settle in, wave at the young witch for a bottle of something cold and get set for a night of fine, spine-tingling entertainment.


Texas Actors Theatre has assembled a cast of six talented actors from around the country and London, too. Doug Burns, Christopher Marlow, Meredith Hale Baker, Christopher Rothwell, Timothy J. Verret and Bonni Chambers are the excellent players who make up this great show.


And the material is just right. What could be better for Halloween than Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Mark of the Beast,’ Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville Ghost’ and Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Cask of Amontillado”‘


The players are seated in a line, lit by torch light, right in front of the audience, completing the ghostly circle around the roaring fire. The performance is something like a cross between viewing a radio show (complete with serious sound effects) and seeing a ‘reading,’ where the performers act out their parts.


Separate players star in each one of the three pieces, with their capable fellow actors supplying a lot of eerie sound effects, etc. Listen for the cement spatula scraping the bricks as the great Venetian house of Montresor (Chris Marlow) seals the dastardly Signor Fortunato (Timothy J. Verret) into a vault.


Mix all this with crickets, recorded hoots, howls, blood curdling scrams and an unplanned-for cow that moos now and then in the distance – and the stage is set for Edgar Allan Poe, Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde.

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"We have stayed at Rose Hill Manor since 2002. We have our new room! We always enjoy the peace & quiet & the hospitality. Thank you Patti, Bob & Staff"
- Christy & Robert, January 13, 2017


"Another wonderful stay! #4 for us, and we will return. We are devoted Rose Hill fans. "
- Holly & Dave, October, 2016

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